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About Our Foundation

Sir Isaac Newton once said, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”.

Newton, Einstein, and so many countless others are some of history’s most brilliant minds. Today, we consider these great minds to be on the autism spectrum.

The reality is that if we use any means of science and technology in our daily life, we are standing on the shoulders of autistic minds. At these heights, we are unable to realize that this revolutionary brainpower is being neglected due to our faults in labeling them as “disabled” or “weaker” than ours. History shows this to be incorrect more times than not.

1 in every 54 children are born with these grand abilities. Now, we know that not all of these kids will develop world altering solutions, but we assure you that if you spend any amount of time with one child on the spectrum, he or she will at the very least, change one piece of your world.

According to Forbes- In 2020, out of the top 50 charities in the US, not a single one of them benefit disabled children or anything of the like. This is a harsh reality, considering that 1% of the worlds population are on the autism spectrum. 75,000,000 people are lacking the help that they need for maximum success in their lives.

If you are in the business of using mathematics or physics to support the growth of perseverance with technology, it would only be appropriate to show your support for the minds of the future by either teaching in local clinics and specialized schools, or by helping fund those that are currently devoted to the development of children on the autism spectrum.

Please help the Mercy foundation provide this support to the much needed families and organization that support these great minds.

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