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MacIvor Engineering INC is an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCM) Company that specializes in providing offshore facility design, custom fabrication, and turnkey construction. Our highly skilled team is fully equipped to manage and perform the full scope of engineering services as well as project and construction management. This allows our clients to focus on their top priorities and trust us to execute their projects from start to final delivery on time and within budget.

MacIvor’s key role in projects is to ensure that the project sponsor, stakeholders, and end-users are provided with the highest quality sustainable power plant. Our goal in the project is to provide beginning to end support.  With fewer resources to turn to, companies are now looking to turn-key EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Managment) projects as an effective way to execute a growing capital workload. We provide Project Development, Engineering, Construction Managment and facilities Operation, Maintenance, and training services with capabilities across the plant life cycle.

Our EPCM involvement will keep the project’s technology development in alignment with the procurement and construction phase, ensuring that all equipment is working in unison with each other. Our project team will be reporting weekly updates to all stakeholders, keeping all vendors aligned in the accurate direction. This involvement ensures that the project meets the projected completion date while being on a budget and providing the promised electricity production to our end user.  

One of the operative benefits of using MacIvor in an EPCM role is that we are not constrained with a fixed construction capability. We assess each project as a unique construction opportunity and utilize our large portfolio of construction partnerships to strategically integrate the best fit for both the client and the contractor. As the overall EPC lead, we utilize our own construction management team along with our procurement, safety, environmental, and quality specialists. Our commitment to excellence covers all aspects of the EPCM project and guarantees a consistent culture directed towards a safe, efficient, high-quality end product that will be achieved for the hydroelectric power plant.

When contracting your project through an EPC arrangement, you achieve greater cost control, a reduction in the overall project schedule, and the certainty of a qualified construction labor force. True EPCM project execution removes the costly and timely burden from our clients with improved change management, reduced owner staffing requirements, and more focused risk management activity.

MacIvor has the capability to work with all stakeholders to determine which contracting and project delivery strategy is best for each project. MacIvor takes the time to present constructability on each project, and our commitment to excellence in the construction phase continues throughout an EPCM contract.

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  • Complete Research& Development

  • In-House Engineering & Design

  • Turn-Key Process Management

  • Mechanical Diagnosis & Maintenance

  • Field Work Capabilities

  • Technology: Data Acquisition, Reporting, Remote Management

  • Speed to Market

  • Uniquely Positioned with Suppliers & Vendors

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